Q2.    Represent the following situations in the form of quadratic equations :

                (iii) Rohan’s mother is 26 years older than him. The product of their ages (in years) 3 years from now will be 360. We would like to find Rohan’s present age.

Answers (1)
D Divya Prakash Singh

Let the age of Rohan be 'x' years.

Then his mother age will be: 'x+26' years.

After three years,

Rohan's age will be 'x+3' years and his mother age will be 'x+29' years.

Then according to question,

The product of their ages 3 years from now will be:

\Rightarrow (x+3)(x+29) = 360

\Rightarrow x^2+3x+29x+87 = 360   Or   

\Rightarrow x^2+32x-273 = 0

Hence, the age of Rohan satisfies the quadratic equation x^2+32x-273 = 0.