2.58    Similar to electron diffraction, neutron diffraction microscope is also used for the determination of the structure of molecules. If the wavelength used here is 800 pm, calculate the characteristic velocity associated with the neutron.

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D Divya Prakash Singh

Given the wavelength of neutron: \lambda = 800\ pm

and the mass of neutron m =1.675\times10^{-27}kg

So, According to the de-Broglie's equation,

\lambda = \frac{h}{mv}

Substituting the values in above equation:

800\times10^{-12} m = \frac{6.626\times10^{-34}Js}{(1.675\times10^{-27}kg)\times(v)}

\Rightarrow v = \frac{6.626\times10^{-34}Js}{(1.675\times10^{-27}kg)\times(800\times10^{-12}m)}

v= 4.94\times10^4 m/s