Solve the following inequality graphically in two-dimensional plane:

   Q10.    x > - 3

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S seema garhwal

x > - 3

Graphical representation of  x=-3 is given in the graph below.

The line x=-3 divides plot into two half-planes.

Select a point (not on the line x=-3) which lie in one of the half-planes, to determine whether the point satisfies the inequality.

Let there be a  point (1,2)

We observe 

                    i.e. 1> -3  , which is true.

Therefore, half plane II  is not a solution region of given inequality i.e.  x > - 3.

Also, the point on the line does not satisfy the inequality.

Thus, the solution to this inequality is the half plane I excluding points on this line.

This can be represented as follows: