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14.5.    Statues and monuments in India are affected by acid rain. How?

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Oxide of sulphur and nitrogen reacts with water in the presence of dioxygen(O_2), as a result, acid rain is formed. 
\\2SO_2+O_2+H_{2}O\rightarrow 2H_2SO_{4}\\ 4NO_{2}+O_{2}+2H_{2}O\rightarrow 4HNO_{3} 
Acid rain cause damages to the buildings and structures made of stone and marble and metals. In India, for the construction of monuments and statues, we use limestone, including Taj Mahal.
Acid rain on reacting with limestone decolourise the surface of the stone also their lustre.
The reaction between limestone and acid rain-

CaCO_{3}+H_{2}SO_{4}\rightarrow CaSO_{4}+H_{2}O+CO_{2}

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