Q 2.9: The photograph of a house occupies an area of 1.75 cm^2 on a 35 mm slide. The slide is projected on to a screen, and the area of the house on the screen is 1.55 m^2. What is the linear magnification of the projector-screen arrangement.

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S safeer


Area of the house in the photo = 1.75\ cm^{2}

Area of the house on the screen = 1.55 m^{2} = 1.55 \times10^{4} cm^2

\therefore Arial magnification, m_{a} = Area on the screen / area on photo = \frac{1.55\times 10^{4}}{1.75} = 0.886 \times 10^4

Linear magnification of the projector- screen arrangement  m_{l} = \sqrt{m_{a}} = \sqrt{.886 \times 10^{4}}= 94.1