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Q 8.     The speed-time graph for a car is shown is Figure:


    (a)     Find how far does the car travel in the first 4 seconds. Shade the area on the graph that represents the distance travelled by the car during the period.     

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Given is a speed-time graph. The area under the curve will give the distance travelled by the car.

In time t= 4\ s, the distance travelled by the car will be equal to the area under the curve from x = 0\ to\ x=4

Considering this part of the graph as a quarter of a circle whose radius = 4 unit.

Therefore, required area = \frac{1}{4}\pi r^2 = \frac{1}{4}\pi (4)^2 = 12.56\ m

Therefore, distance the car travelled in the first 4 seconds is 12.56\ m

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