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Q5.15 Two bodies of masses 10 kg and 20 kg respectively kept on a smooth, horizontal surface are tied to the ends of a light string. A horizontal force F = 600 N is applied to (i) A along the direction of the string. What is the tension in the string in each case?

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We will consider A and B in a system. So total mass in the system is =   10 + 20  = 30 Kg.

Thus acceleration of the system is given by :

                                                                            a\ =\ \frac{F}{m}

or                                                                               =\ \frac{600}{30}\ =\ 20\ m/s^2

When force is applied at block A :

Using Newton's law of motion :

                                                                F\ -\ T\ =\ m_1a

or                                                         600\ -\ T\ =\ 10\times20

Thus                                                                    T\ =\ 400\ N                                                                

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