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Q20 Two strips of metal are riveted together at their ends by four rivets, each of diameter 6.0 mm. What is the maximum tension that can be exerted by the riveted strip if the shearing stress on the rivet is not to exceed 6.9 \times 10 ^ 7 Pa ? Assume that each rivet is to
carry one quarter of the load.

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Diameter of each rivet, d = 6.0 mm

Maximum Stress P=6.9\times 10^{7}Nm^{-2}

The number of rivets, n = 4.

The maximum tension that can be exerted is T

\\T=nP\pi \left ( \frac{d}{2} \right )^{2}\\ T=4\times 6.9\times 10^{7}\times \pi \times \left ( \frac{6\times 10^{-3}}{2} \right )^{2}\\ T=7803.71N

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