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What are the characteristics of prokaryotic cells?

8. What are the characteristics of prokaryotic cells?

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S Sonika

Characteristics of prokaryotic cells

Prokaryotic cells are those cells which do not have a well-defined nucleus. The most important characteristics of prokaryotic cells are as follows:

1. The nucleus of prokaryotic cells is not well defined i.e. it does not possess a nuclear envelope. The DNA of these cells lies freely in the cytoplasm. The DNA is naked and variously coiled. Extrachromosomal DNA Is also found in these cells.

2. Prokaryotic cells are devoid of membrane-bound cell organelles. 

3. The cell wall is present in prokaryotic cells of bacteria and cyanobacteria, however, it is absent in mycoplasma. 

4. Instead of chloroplasts, chromatophores are present in prokaryotes to carry out photosynthesis.

5. Ribosomes of prokaryotic cells are of 70S type.