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14.8.    What are the harmful effects of photochemical smog and how can they be controlled?

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Harmful effects of photochemical smog-

  • Because of their oxidising nature, NO_{2} and O_3, causing corrosion of metals, stone, rubber and painted surface.
  • Ozone and nitric acid are eye irritants, the nose and throat and due to the high concentration of these causes headache, chest pain, and difficulty in breathing.

Control measure-

  • by controlling the primary precursors, such as NO_{2} and hydrocarbons, secondary precursors will be automatically reduced.
  • Use of catalytic converters is used in the automobiles, which prevent the release of nitrogen oxide and hydrocarbons to the atmosphere.
    plantation of certain plants such as Pinus, Juniperus, Quercus, Pyrus and Vitis can metabolise nitrogen oxide


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