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14.9.    What are the reactions involved for ozone layer depletion in the stratosphere?

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In the stratosphere, when UV radiation acting on dioxygen (O_2), the ozone molecule is formed. The UV  rays split the dioxygen into free oxygen.

\\O_2(g)\overset{UV}{\rightarrow}O(g)+O(g)\\ O(g)+O_{2}(g)\rightleftharpoons O_{3}(g)
Once CFCs are released in the atmospheric gases and reach the stratosphere, they get broken down by UV radiation.

CH_{2}Cl_{2}(g)\overset{UV}{\rightarrow}Cl^\bullet (g)+C^{\bullet }F_{2}Cl(g)
Then chlorine radical reacts with an ozone molecule to form chlorine monoxide radicals-
Cl^\bullet (g)+O_{3}(g)\rightarrow ClO^\bullet +O_{2}
ClO^\bullet(g)+O(g)\rightarrow Cl^\bullet(g)+O_{2}(g)

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