1. What are the various public health measures, which you would suggest as safeguard against infectious diseases?

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S Sonika

Health measures as a safeguard against infectious diseases

The public health measures that can be taken to avoid infectious diseases are as follows:

1. Vaccination- The populations should be vaccinated timely and properly so that they don't develop diseases. For cholera. TB, hepatitis vaccinations are available

2. Education and awareness- Everybody should be educated or made aware of the infectious diseases so that they can protect themselves from infectious diseases

3. Sanitation- Adopting public sanitation measures is good for avoiding infectious diseases. We should maintain cleanliness in our surroundings. One should also maintain cleanliness and consume only clean drinking water and contamination free fruits and vegetables.

4. Eradication-  The vectors of diseases must be eradicated by destroying the breeding sites of many vectors.