11.29     What do you understand by

   (a) inert pair effect 

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M manish

Allotropy is the existence of one element in more than one form. These have the same chemical properties but the different physical properties. The various forms of elements are called allotropes. As we know that carbon has three allotropes are named as:- Diamond, graphite and fullerene

M manish

Inert pair effect-

On moving down the group in the periodic table, the tendency of s-orbital electron to participate in bonding is decreased. This effect is known as the inert pair effect. For example, in group 13 element (ns^2,np^1)the stability of +1 oxidation is more than the +2 oxidation state due to the poor shielding of the ns^2 electrons by the d and f electron, as a result, ns^2electrons are strongly held by the nucleus.