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Q 1.     What is the criterion for classification of organisms as belonging to kingdom Monera or Protista?

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The criterion for the classification of organisms as belonging to kingdom-Monera and Protista are:

For the Kingdom Monera:

(i) These organisms do not have a defined nucleus or organelles, nor do any of them show multi-cellular body designs.

(ii) Some of them have cell walls while some do not.

(iii) The mode of nutrition of organisms in this group can be either by autotrophic method or heterotrophic method.

(iv) The organisms belonging to Monera are bacteria, blue-green algae, and mycoplasma.

For the Kingdom Protista:

(i) These are unicellular eukaryotic organisms.

(ii) Both types of nutrition are possible i.e., autotrophic or heterotrophic.

(iii) These organisms have hair like cilia or whip-like flagella for moving around.

(iv) The organisms belonging to Protista are, algae, protozoans.

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