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Write short notes on the following: (g) Cochlea

Q5.    Write short notes on the following:

         (g) Cochlea

Answers (1)
  • The cochlea is a bony coiled structure. It is the part of the inner ear. It arises from the saccule. 
  • The cochlear cavity is divided into three chambers by the two membranes-Reisnner's membrane and basilar membrane.
  • The upper chamber is called scala vestibule, the middle chamber is scala media and the lower chamber is scala tympani.
  • Scala tympani and scala vestibule are filled with the perilymph, while scala media is filled with the endolymph.
  • The basilar membrane bears the organ of Corti.
  • The organ of Corti is connected with the nerve fibres of the auditory nerve which connects to the brain.
  • The organ of Corti is the organ of hearing.