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 Write the additive inverse of each of the following:

(i) \frac{2}{8}                           (ii)\frac{-5}{9}                    (iii) \frac{-6}{-5}               (iv) \frac{2}{-9}              (v)\frac{19}{-6}              

Answers (1)


(i) The additive inverse of  \\ \\ \frac{2}{8} is \frac{-2}{8}  because  \frac{2}{8}+\frac{-2}{8} = \frac{2-2}{8} = 0

(ii) The additive inverse of \frac{-5}{9} is \frac{5}{9}  because  \frac{-5}{9}+\frac{5}{9} = \frac{-5+5}{9} = 0

(iii) The additive inverse of  \frac{-6}{-5}  is \frac{6}{-5}  because \frac{-6}{-5}+\frac{6}{-5} = \frac{-6+6}{-5} = 0

(iv) The additive inverse of \frac{2}{-9} is \frac{-2}{-9}  because \frac{2}{-9}+\frac{-2}{-9} = \frac{2-2}{-9} = 0 

(v) The additive inverse of \frac{19}{-6} is \frac{-19}{-6}  because \frac{19}{-6}+\frac{-19}{-6} = \frac{19-19}{-6} =0

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