Q8. You are given an iron strip. How will you make it into a magnet?

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G Gautam harsolia

We will make iron strip into a magnet by the following steps:

(i) Place the iron strip on the table. Now take a bar magnet and place one of its poles near one edge of the bar of iron.

(ii) Without lifting the bar magnet, move it along the length of the iron bar till you reach the other end. Now, lift the magnet and bring the pole (the same pole you started with) to the same point of the iron bar from which you began.

(iii) Move the magnet again along the iron bar in the same direction as you did before. Repeat this process about 30-40 times.

(iv) Bring a pin or some iron filings near the iron bar to check whether it has become a magnet. 

you will find that the iron strip is now converted into a magnet.