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1. Write an article on the topic ycountry my responsibility" in about120-150 words?

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Our country deserves all the Love and respect from us. It has given freedom and resources which helps to survive in society with a standard life. This is our duty to fulfill some obligations to it, Our’s country has great leaders who fought for our country. We should be free from any obligation or duties in the country which carries the patriotism of life. We all are citizens of our country and we should take the responsibilities and duties to perform the Social, economic, and political duties. We have to make our country Proud. The citizens of the Country are the Valuable element of our Country, they are responsible for the growth and development of a country. As it is said that ‘Right comes with responsibility. In other countries, the citizens are free from all the duties and responsibilities. We should do our duties for our fellow Citizens and the same respect is given to our National Flag, National anthem, and ideal Values and beliefs. India is a country that believes in ‘Unity in diversity where people of different backgrounds live together. As there is a huge gap between rich people and poor people. Rich people do not perform and understand the responsibilities towards poor people. Everyone should help the poor people in such circumstances which is a responsibility of the citizens of the society. A very good example of loyalty and selfless duty performed by the soldiers which they stand near Indian Borders in which they sacrificed their lives towards our country.

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Deependra Verma

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