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2 minute speech on sports and games

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Good morning esteemed principal, teachers and my dear friends. Today I will be speaking on the topic “Games and Sports”. Games and sports are a part of a culture of a society. People of all ages play indoor and outdoor games. Over the years these games have evolved. Equipment and gear has been added to games like hockey, cricket, football, etc. Such games now boast a professional career. Careers are not only limited to the academic category but widened by the field of sports. Games and sports are a vital part of a human being’s life. These activities not only keep us active and strong but they keep us engaged too. They promise fun and entertainment. They reduce stress and make us physically fit. Regular exercises give us stamina. The habit of playing games and sports should be instilled in us from childhood. They are an escape from the monotonous life. Playing your favorite sports from the beginning, you can realise whether this could be a professional career for you or not. Training for athletes starts from early childhood itself. Without sports and games, people will be lethargic. People will have lower metabolism which will lead to a weaker immune system. This will cause them to get sick easily often. People play sports, games and exercise to relieve stress as it takes their minds off their own thoughts. Without it, people would be uneasy. Games and sports unite mankind. Even animals play among themselves for their amusement and pleasure. You should devote an hour at the least as your exercise time. Your wellness is in your hands. Thank you.


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Deependra Verma

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