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3. you awe Raiat Raini, a resident of 45 Niti Bagh NewDelhi - 110049. Write a letter to the editor of HindustanTimes expressing your concern regarding the increase inincidents of crime of violence against the Senior Citizens.?

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45 Niti Bagh

New Delhi – 110085

July 27, 2021

The Editor

The Indian Express

New Delhi

Dear Sir,

Through the columns of your esteemed newspaper. I want to express my deep concern over increasing crime and violence against senior citizens in our country. Of late there were many cases of crime against senior citizens. They are being targeted by pickpockets and burglars. They have to face lots of harassment almost everywhere in society. The Government has made provisions for many facilities for senior citizens at banks, railway stations, bus stands, hospitals, and other places. But I have seen these facilities being deprived of them by none other than the common citizens. I requested concerning authorities and common people to look into it and take care of the senior citizens.  

Thanking you

Yours truly



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Deependra Verma

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