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A 5 minutes speech on science and future

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Science has surprised us with many inventions and discoveries and that will continue to be surprising in the future. Science has changed in every field of life and science impossible things have become impossible.

In our day-to-day life, there are thousands of things related to science that are a gift of science. Science is a very deep concept; it is an ocean of knowledge about science. Science has made our life worth living but there are some people who are misusing it very badly. We all know that science will surprise us with many theories and discoveries but we should be ready for other uses of this in the future also.

The way we use science leads to some important side effects like global warming, pollution, and sandstorm, etc. Science leads man to invent bombs too. Science helps us to make our life easier, healthier and smarter, etc. There are developments on earth done on the basis of scientists who also share our knowledge. When I say science it means Mathematical, chemistry, Physics and Medical sciences, etc. Without science we are unable to analyze life and what our life would be like in the future. Science makes man wonderful. There are huge amounts invested towards various researches that are done by scientists. If there is science there are more and more Jobs available in the Market, and more Professionals will rise.

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Deependra Verma

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