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A block of mass 4 kg is kept over a rough horizontal surface.the coefficient of friction between the block and surface is 0.1 at t=0(3i^)m/s velocity is imparted to the block and simultaneously (-2i^)Nforce starts acting on it. its displacement in first 5 seconds is

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Frictional force

f=\mu mg=0.1\times4\times10=4N

Net \ force =F-f=-2i-(4i)=-6i


 a=\frac{net\ force}{mass}=\frac{-6i}{4}=\frac{-3i}{2}m/s ^2

To find when the body will stop (since friction is opposing its motion)




distance covered in 2 sec

s=ut+0.5at^2=3\times2-0.5\times1.5\times2^2=3 m

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