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A Paragraph On The Importance Of Nature For Healthy Living

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Nature is the most beautiful gift given by God. Man is creative. He tries to create art in accordance with nature. It is said that daydreams, imaginations, and fantasies are governed by nature. Through the ages, nature has attracted man’s attention towards its various features. She has a perfect combination of unlimited artistic forms. This has influenced man to literature in volumes on the diversified forms of nature. Even today nature is an important subject of admiration and criticism. Artists are always captured to change the faces of nature in their work. All creativities are inspired by nature. It is very strange that nature holds much more than what the human mind can expect. Man’s curiosity knows no bounds when nature invites him to unfold the hidden mysteries. Nature inculcates the desire to know and to learn. Man follows his will to discover. The influence of nature on emotions cannot be denied. Happiness, fear, Gloom, Dejection, Romanticism, and many more feelings owe their occurrences to nature. Nature has always influenced man and still does so. Man accepts to be ruled by her laws. Whatever the situation it is true that nature can exist without man but man’s survival without nature is impossible. Nature will remain the stronger of the two and continue to make man go her way.

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Deependra Verma

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