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A project work on biodiversity

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Biodiversity is about biological diversity. It is about the number of animals and plants life living in an area or surrounding. It means the population of people, animal and plants residing or growing in an area. Biodiversity means different species and forms of life and their variability. Biodiversity is a huge concept that involves each biotic and abiotic components. It includes plant life, animal life, microorganisms and other forms of insects. Ecosystem also involves sunlight, water, air, heat, plants and pest. We depend on each other for our survival and to thrive. A biodiversity is than nothing but a group of organisms living together in a habitat for emotional needs, support, food, livelihood and survival. 

We can choose a garden as an example of biodiversity. Here we will find small microorganisms, insects, plants and butterfly. All these organisms are dependent on each otiher and plants for food. Let us take examples of caterpillar, butterfly both need plants, caterpillar eats leaves, butterfly drinks liquid of the flowers. Some other organisms eat moth, butterfly and caterpillar. Some insects and animals sit on the flowers and spread the pollen grains everywhere.That is how they help in the reproduction of plants and the cycle of plant life continues and our biodiversity flourishes.

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Deependra Verma

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