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A report in 250 words of an interview with local mla

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I wished the MLA good morning. And then he wished me too on that day, on that day I asked him how he was elected in the election then he replied that people in our area loved him and he expects so much from me and I want to a lot of work for them, He also said to me that I not only want to get famous in my area, I also want to get famous in my state and I want to famous not only by name but by my work towards my nation. He also said to me that he also wants to serve people by construction in schools, colleges and make education important for poor children. Removal of slums and there are so many beggars roaming around in our area. I want to make them responsible citizens, and also want to work towards women’s safety. And when I asked what will be the time taken then he replied that it might take over a year, if people chose me for the next 5 Years.

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Deependra Verma

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