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A short poem expressing child and parents bond in England

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A short poem on parent child bond in England

(On Christmas Day) 


Oh my dear lad! What do you want?

Oh mother! A hot warm chocolate  milk and some sandwich bread.


Oh my dear daughter! What do you want?

Oh mother! A cupcake and some crockries set.


Oh my dear mother! What do you want? 

Oh dear son! Just some biscuits, cakes and cup of tea. 


Oh my dear father! What do you want? 

Oh dear daughter! Just some fish and a fine glass of wine. 


Oh our dear children! Where do you wanna go? 

Oh dear parents (both children together) To the lovely farms and parks where lion's live


Oh our dear parents!, Where do you want to go? 

Mother: oh dear!  to the finest clubs and balls with perfect dresses. 

Father: Oh to the forest for hunting and bar for Christmas Celebrations. 

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Deependra Verma

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