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a short speech on superstitions

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India has a long history of superstitions. There are many superstitions which people in this country follow. When someone sneezes during the time of departure, people consider it unlucky. Similarly, when you hear a long mewing of a cat, people consider it a bad omen. Alternatively, offering curd before the start of any journey is auspicious. A group that follows superstitions a lot is students appearing for an examination.

Weeks before exams, the visit to temples starts to grow. Some of the students also get a lucky stone to help them out. Further, some students place their stationery for the exam in the prayer room. Even some political leaders in India believe in superstitions. For instance, they wait for an auspicious day to file their nomination or take an oath. In other words, even in the highest places, people do follow superstitions. If we look at it closely, there is no logic as such behind the beliefs in superstitions. However, they have grown age-old and despite all the scientific advancement, they are not going anywhere soon. However, it is better to subject ourselves less to them otherwise each moment of our life will be on the edge.

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Deependra Verma

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