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About some of - crime free children of today,crime free india of tomorrow essays.

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India is a democratic country, the people of India have basic rights and duties to follow. Freedom is both a boon and bane in this regard. Freedom has the advantage of freeing up from the Greedy British people. Nowadays crime is increasing in our country every day which is a very bad thing for us and it is very common in the field of the Internet and social media, such as Facebook. When we create an account on Facebook we have to give our Personal details like Name, Address, Mobile no. as this information could be hacked by strangers. They can harm or even Rob us.

There are a number of cases increasing in the field of Cyberbullying too excluding cybercrimes, there are crimes increasing in our day-to-day life which can be happening either in houses, offices, or schools, etc. These are happening because many people get affected in this pandemic due to which they lost their job and they all are unemployed through which the number of crimes spikes automatically when there is unemployment. These criminals have been taught all these from a very early age by their relatives or friends. If their parents can’t afford the fees of the schools and colleges then they send their children for work they will automatically adopt new things. Every parent should tell their children that What is wrong and What is right so they don’t adopt these things in the Future. Parents teaching have a great role in this situation about what their children are doing. If we want to become crime-free in the future children must study and learn so these things bring discipline. And parents should give their time to their children so that they don’t adopt these things in the future. With the help of this, our country will become Crime free and every student's Future will become bright.

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Deependra Verma

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