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Advantages and disadvantages of media and networking

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Media means the Medium of exchanging information and news by various modes. Media is the intermediary between people such as celebrities, Politicians, sportsmen, etc. Most people spend their time reading newspapers and weekly Magazines and if they like it They subscribe to it. Media includes Tv, newspapers, and Radio, etc. Earlier people used to learn Media on their own but nowadays there are Automatic systems, And there are latest technologies like cellphones and internet on computers. Earlier there was so much difficulty in finding Jobs and information. In today's world when there is an introduction of Various media the work is much easier for us.

Networking means the Interaction with Friends, Relatives, and office Colleagues, etc. Networking is mainly used for official purposes. The objective of networking is to synchronize with another with the use of status and Information. This information should be anything related to official statements like Judgements, Achievements, and Completion of the work in an organization. In earlier days it was very difficult for people all around the world. People only in touch only with their Locals. They talk on phones only for their Satisfaction. Media and networking have changed people’s lives as they feel very happy to share their experiences with their friends and family and get feedback from them. People nowadays are happy when there is an invitation or applause for something or someone on their Birthdays or anniversaries. Networking and media play a very important role in today’s world. They are an ocean of technologies. There are many employment opportunities too. It creates the development of the society and people, every individual should use the media and networking in a controlled manner.

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