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An article on the topic - duties and privileges of citizens of india.

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Being a citizen of India there are basic responsibilities and duties of the citizens which are mentioned in the constitution of India. We must respect the national Anthem and Follow the rules of our country, respect our national flag, keep bringing unity and integrity in the country and lastly Pay the taxes with full honesty. These duties come under Part IVA Fundamental Duties 51A. It shall be the duty of every citizen of India-

To respect the constitution of India and their National Flag.

To uphold and protect the sovereignty and maintain unity in India.

To promote harmony and bring the spirit of the common brotherhood amongst all the people of India.

To protect and improve the natural environment including Forests, lakes, rivers, and wildlife. If we minutely study all the provisions of our Constitution, we find that a very significant feature of our Constitution is that it balances citizens’ rights and duties. 

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Deependra Verma

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