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An attempted robbery at the local supermarket

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An attempt of robbery at local supermarket

Akash, News 18 Writer

An attempt of robbery took place at a local supermarket in the area of Punjabi Bagh, New Delhi-110027. This attempted robbery took place around 2 pm in the afternoon. A man dressed in black dress was wearing a turban and a scarf on his head and face. He suddenly went to a local shops where footwear where available on sales and quickly lifted a pair of shoes and ran away. The owner of the shop very loudly shouted at the attempted robbery. Since the shop was very old in the area and shopkeeper was known other people responded quickly and caught the thief.

There was a police station nearby where the man was taken and handed over to police. On further interrogation, it was revealed that the man 's name was Gaurav. He was very poor and has previously also picked materials from the shops and has sold them. The police logged a complaint against him and took him into custody.

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Deependra Verma

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