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An essay of about 1000 words on - To be truthful is to be human

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Trust is the greatest and most important thing for all human beings. Truthfulness is the ability to speak the truth always in any situation. A man who speaks the truth will never be in any kind of problem. He will not tell a lie even in jest. Speaking the truth helps the man to build a good character. Truthfulness is the first thing we do in our life, it means being honest to all. A Truthful man keeps his word, a truthful man always gets success in their life. Speaking the truth is far better than speaking a lie. The Truth man has a clear objective and does not fear anybody. Speaking the truth is the simplest way to win hearts and gain confidence, A Dishonest man is assured of his success sooner or later. But a dishonest man who always looks for profits ultimately meets his doom. Truth knows no fibs or fear and harms no one. It brings its own reward of affection and goodwill. Liars always fetch Hatred and unavoidable losses. Being Truthful to everyone gives no room to anxieties. And yes they say Honesty is the Best Policy.

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Deependra Verma

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