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An essay on --------------- A life changing experience . (in about 450 words)

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Life-changing experiences are the events in your own personal history you remember because they made you feel good, content, satisfied, engaged, and inspired at some point in time, whatever the outcome was there you feel proud for having those experiences. Life-changing experiences are done with the aim of inspiring the Future. Whether you are choosing an occupation, thinking about going to college, or changing your career direction. These help to identify the new opportunities, they help to adapt to the change they help you to succeed in your chosen career. You feel most satisfied when the things you do mean something to you, whether you succeed or not. While life-changing experiences involve those tasks in which you are good at, that helps to feel that experience. Recall a time when you did that work and you were proud of doing that task. Don’t limit yourself to working in schools or colleges. Draw on all areas of your life: work, leisure, volunteering, and relationships with friends and family for each experience. Ask these general questions to yourself i.e, What did I do? What was the result? Divide your time in about a period of 5 years, the things you are interested in doing off and what you feel about that task.

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