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The term Humour is used for things which are for fun, amusement, which makes us laugh, be jolly and happy. Humour is one form of genre in writing stories. In this genres, often hilarious incidents are written to entertain the reader. Humour can be expressed through poems, stories and comics. There are various forms of humour such as dark humour, satire, puns and jokes. All forms of humour is acceptable and are part of our daily lives. Humour is a way of expressing ourselves and everyday struggles of life. It is not necessary that words should be used to convey humour, even drawings can be used.

The term wisdom means that the person is wise. He is intelligent and experienced. The word wisdom has multiple meanings and generally gives out an image of an elder or an older person who knows answer of many questions and can solve problems. Wisdom is often associated with qualities such as intelligence, age, experience, knowledge and advice. Giving good suggestions and advice is also part of being wise and a component of wisdom.

Humour and wisdom are both those important attributes and  qualities that makes a person desirable. These qualities are looked for in a person to make him your friend, ally, supporter and adviser. It is with these kinds of people that relationships and partnerships are established. Thus, both humour and wisdom are important aspects of one's personality and behaviour. We need both humour and wisdom to survive the harsh day to day life. Only those who take things lightly and can see positive in negative times. Those who give good suggestions can survive in long run. 

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Deependra Verma

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