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Arrange the given speeds in the ascending order. (7 m/s, 18 km/h, 6km/minute, 1 m/millisecond)

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To arrange the speeds in ascending order, convert it into same units (say m/s)

7 m/s, 18 km/h, 6km/minute, 1 m/millisecond

Changing to m/sec

18 Km/h=\frac{18\times1000m}{3600sec}=5m/sec

6 Km/min=\frac{6\times1000m}{60sec}=100m/sec

1m/milli\ sec=\frac{1}{10^{-3}sec}=1000m/sec


Therefor the order is 

18 Km/h, 7 m/s, 6Km/min, 1 m/milli sec

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