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Article on Educated Nation Is a Progressive Nation

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Educated Nation is a Progressive Nation

By Sushila Sharma

Educated Nation is indeed a Progressive Nation. Now the term education has multiple meanings. One meaning is to know how to read, write and speak in a language as in literacy or being literate. Other meaning is to solve problems and deal with them in a rational way. Other meaning is to acquire knowledge and general skills which makes one fit for living in society. Thus, education broadly means becoming a citizen.

Citizenship education, national service and national development through the development of its citizens is the objective of education. It makes people capable of reasoning, thinking, asking questions, thinking about themselves and society. It makes them capable to contribute in Indian economy as in employment. It thus, means to train them or mature them for the life ahead. It provides them the power to give direction to their lives. Thus, it trains them to take their own responsibility.

It could thus be stated that education is a wheel towards national progress. Healthy, capable citizens leads to healthy society which makes a healthier nation. Changes at grassroot level may lead to changes at higher level and then at the level of nation. 

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Deependra Verma

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