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Book review of three man in a boat

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Three Men in a boat by Jerome K. Jerome is a bestselling book of all time, this story is based on the boat taking on a trip by three men and a dog. This story is set in England, and the Author used different tales to make the story more interesting. One day George, Harris, and Jerome take a boat on a trip and there was also a Dog. They all three wanted to take some break from their busy schedule so they decided to go on a trip on a boat. They meet new people, face the worst weather, and often feel nostalgic. Whenever something happens in the present, they think something specific makes the story more Whittier. The new uncle Podger and the Cheese Story are also noticeable. It is a fast-paced novel where the experiences they are facing are with reading to the readers. The Language is so simple and the end story of the book leaves the readers with thoughts.

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Deependra Verma

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