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Can i please get a good gcse sample for descriptive writing as i want to write it myself but just want a sample to analyse it

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Raunak's story

Raunak went to school but he found that the gates were closed. He was again late for the school. But today he couldn't go inside because yesterday was his last warning to come late to school. As he is not able to call his parents to school for this complaint nor he was successful in producing a letter with an excuse for  coming late to school from his guardians. He felt helpless. He turned back and started walking towards the church, he sat there for time and felt like making a confession to God. He went to the confession room and with tears in his eyes. He whispered in the ears of the Father in the room that he had lost his parents in this pandemic and he was living with his old-ill grandmother. Things were not at all in place and he wanted the school to understand him, but he didn't want to become weak by telling it directly to his teachers and friends. It seems as he has communicated with the Lord directly because the Father in the confession room was the Principal of his school. And from the very next day, the school gate was always opened for him.

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Deependra Verma

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