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Can u tell me a good story on 'if I was invisible'

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One Morning , I woke up  invisible, I enjoyed the experience of being invisible a lot. I ran away from my home to my friend's home , her name is Reha and shared my secret with  her. She became very afraid and excited at the same time. She asked me many questions about my being invisible and what did I eat to become invisible. Whether I informed my parents about this. How did I became invisible , will I always stay like this. Listening to her questions, I realised that I don't know answers to many of her questions. I was beginning to become more worried about this problem of invisibility. However, she relaxed me and offered me my favourite ice cream to eat. Later, me and her sneaked into  a parks and into swings. On parks she told me how it won't be so bad being invisible as I can go to places that I like. I can vsisit any of the favourite places of mine. I will also try to make my other friends invisible so we can play for the entire day.  We were discussing all this when suddenly I heard my mother's voice , calling my name and asking me to wake up. I woke up from my bed and realised it was a dream.

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Deependra Verma

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