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Charecter sketch of bishop?

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Bishop is a good man who tried to help people in need. He is a simple and helpful person. He has all the characteristics of a good person and human being. When he hears the story of the convict , he shows his sympathy for him. He was aware that the people who stay in prison become inhuman due to maltreatment and misbehaviour towards them. He treated the prisonmate as a friend even when the person stole his candles. This shows that he was kind and forgiving in nature. He even offered his candlestick to the prisoner and arranged for his trip to Paris. This shows that he was altruist in nature. He was a saint who had love for all living creatures and this he showed through his act. He also freed the person from the seargent by telling a lie because he genuinely wanted to help the person.

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Deependra Verma

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