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Cn i have the summary of " In the Bazzars of Hyderabad".....????????

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‘In the Bazaars of Hyderabad’ is a five-stanza poem written by Sarojini Naidu. The poem describes the social life of the Bazaars which is located in Hyderabad City. Where Sarojini Naidu was Born. This poem is all about the Vendors and their Prospective Customers In a ‘Bazaar’ or Marketplace.

A customer asks a seller what he is selling. This person is giving details regarding Turbans, Rich mirrors, and daggers, Which he had for sale. The text progresses quickly to the next stall where the same, or possibly a new customer's inquiries about the “lentils, rice” and spices being sold out. Again they receive an appealing description of the Items. In the third stanza, the speaker becomes interested in what the “Goldsmith” is making. Goldsmith focuses on three different ways he treats gold. He always shows off his products and his skill. He can Hammer something For the Leg of the pigeon or forge something sturdy enough for a King. 

In the Fourth Stanza, the speaker inquires about three different types of Fruits and Instruments. As these things originated from the subcontinent, they were added in order to expand the Indian culture.

The Final Stanza describes in detail from the Previous stanza what materials for sale are going to be used. They respond by responding to the creation of a crown for a bridegroom and a shroud for someone who has decreased recently.

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