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Convert the play -The dear departed - into a story ?

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In the Play The Dear Departed, Stanley Houghton describes the degradation of the moral values in the British middle-class family. Which try to grab the things belonging to their father, and the children completely disregard the loyalty, modesty, and decency towards their family. They have no sense of responsibility and no love for their old-aged parents. This play brings out the harsh reality of the dying love and the absence of moral values in the children and nowadays children also lose a sense of responsibility towards their parents. The play depicts the tragic situation that has become very common in today’s world. At the beginning of the story, Mrs. Slater who is the elder daughter of Abel Merryweather goes to offer something to him then after some time she finds it quite cold. Moreover, he was not responding. Thus, she declares that their father is no more. According to the story, she informs her sister and her husband about the passing away of their father. They expected the Jordans to join them in the process. Then after the demise of her father, they started using their father's belongings. Victoria was an obedient child and had a genuine love for her grandfather but still, she was reluctant to help her parents.

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