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Debate on are we doing enough to stop curroption plzz i want it now its urgent

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Corruption is one of the Greatest Dangers of our country and it is not so much from Anti-social elements, but from the so called Most respectable Persons, bureaucrats, corrupt leaders, Employees, etc. The corruption has reached its climax. It is shameful to know that we are from the most corrupt country in the World. Our leaders, who are elected by the masses of votes with for 5 years the hope that they would serve them Honestly. They indulge in all types of malpractices most unashamedly. They throw all their Fake Promises to their Citizens and they Feather their own nests, they live in costly homes, move-in Luxury Cars, while those who have brought them to this Level through Gaining of their Votes. 

Our Bureaucrats are hand in glove with the Politicians and they carry out their behests like their Pet dogs, getting Loans and Favours. If they are caught in Corruption then the Politicians are there to save them.

Both parties are stuck on Money, that is how they earn their unlawful income. One has to pay a huge amount of money in the form of bribes or donations to get a piece of land, get a new job, and the same is the case with a Vehicle. There is no surprise that India is the most corrupt country in the whole world, it is known as the land of scams. The rich people have all the facilities to enjoy Life and the Poor have to suffer and make one sacrifice after the other. God Please Save this Country

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Deependra Verma

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