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Debate on :- Men and women should have equal rights

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Men and women should have equal rights. That is what feminism is about. People misinterpret it with female chauvinism but it simply means equal opportunities for both the genders. Both of them should receive fair and just treatment in society. It does not mean women want to have a physical fight with men as equality means they are physiologically the same. No, physically and scientifically, their bodies are different but it is about the fight for opportunities where they both deserve it, equally. For example, if a man and woman are working in the same company with the same experience, they should have equal pay but it is likely for the man to have more pay than the woman for the same amount of work. Such disparity cancels equality among the two. Women are considered the weaker gender of our society. Presently, women are still fighting for their basic rights. They want to be heard, respected and acknowledged like any other man. 


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Deependra Verma

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