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Dialogue between father and a son regarding help in maths

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Father- Hello Son, How are you?

Son- I am good. 

Father- How are your studies going on?

Son - My studies are going fine. Although, I need help with the subject of Maths.

Father- What is the problem that you are facing in Maths?

Son- I am experiencing difficulties in Algebra. I cannot solve questions on my own. I need practise.

Father- How are you planning to deal with these difficulties?

Son- I think I will need some tuitions for the same. 

Father- Okay, do you have some tuition centre in mind? Some specific tutor you want to learn from?

Son-  I have looked at a tuition centre. It is situated near Mukherjee Nagar. The name of the teacher is Mr. Shantanu. My friend also learns there. I can talk to him and I can have a trial class.

Father- Good! You should go ahead with your plan. Tell me whst help you will need from my side.

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Deependra Verma

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