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Difference between city dweller and village man

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Difference between a city dweller and a village man

1. A city dweller is someone who lives in a city, while a village man lives in a village. 

2. The person whose residence address is of a city area is a city man whereas for a village man, his residence address is of a village.

3. A city dweller differs from a village man in terms of lifestyle, food one eats, language one speaks and the types of job one do.

4. In a village  people generally live in joint family with their parents, uncle, aunt, grandparents and their cousins while in city people generally live in a nuclear family with only parents and children living in one house.

5. The type of occupation one does varies in villages and city. In villages, people generally practises agriculture and various self sustaining occupations while in city ares people engage in contractual and permanent jobs.

6. A village man's life style is different from the lifestyle of a city man as the places are geographically different. Certain village areas don't have pucca roads, transport facility and are present in remote areas of the world. While a city has big population, infrastructure and network of roads.

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Deependra Verma

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