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Elocution cellphone use and texting cause lowering levels of concentration and focus

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Scrolling Through Your Phone Could Tank Your Concentration. According to a recent study published in the Journal of Behavioral Addictions, using your phone in between important tasks decreases your ability to focus. I blame the concentration level, cellphones are blamed for numerous unpleasant occasions in our life. Our academic performances depend on cell phones because students are easily distracted from the Topic and do not listen to teachers. Cell Phones often distract our attention when we are in a traffic Jam or when we are chatting on WhatsApp with someone else, checking your Facebook account again and again or any account helps to distract your mind and they create unpleasant consequences. This will cause any type of accidents in the future when we are texting. Teenagers will find them useful, however, middle-aged people or elderly people should be attentive.

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Deependra Verma

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