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Essay of about 500 words on the topic- things i can do for the development of rural areas and our villages.

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Clean Village makes us feel good so that all people and others can breathe fresh air. Due to which the people will not fall ill in any situation there will be an extinction of mosquitoes in our nearby areas. Everyone needs to encourage others to keep their surroundings clean.Cleanliness doesn’t only refer to keeping your surroundings clean but also refers to keeping yourself clean and tidy. You must have heard your parents and teachers talk about cleanliness. When there is cleanliness in the school surroundings the reputation of the school automatically rises up. People of villages should inculcate the habit of cleanliness, this will make children better future fresh air is a must because there are a number of children in the villages due to which it becomes suffocating. Unclean toilets give a bad impression about the villages. So that cleanliness is Godliness and due to cleaning of the villages.

To get more electricity, there should be the availability of jobs for the people living in the Villages though it can develop the overall structure of the villages. Good water and drainage systems, Buildings of Hospitals for better healthcare which have all the facilities for the treatment. Should also provide better education to the children living in a rural area. The transportation system should be there and planting more and more trees. This process is known as afforestation. Providing Loan facilities to the Poor Farmers.

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Deependra Verma

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