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Essay on anti plastic campaign

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Plastic bags are the most common things used today in this world because it makes our work easier and it gives us a lot of conveniences. Day by day they are becoming a part of our essentials in our life. Now we use this for various purposes. Plastic bags make our life easier, but at what cost? They damage our earth and environment through they create Environmental pollution. So it is very necessary to stop using plastic bags. There are various reasons why plastic bags should be banned. We must use them to make a better environment and save it from degradation. There are other eco-friendly methods that can be used to stop the use of plastic bags. The Use of plastic bags is the big reason for plastic pollution as it harms our environment because they take years to decompose and they are nonbiodegradable. That's why our government is against using plastic bags. It remains in the land which contributes to the rising problems of land pollution.

Similarly, it also causes water pollution because people walking on the roads throw away the bags carelessly in the drains, rivers, or ponds. They are carried away in the winds and sometimes they are dumped into the water deliberately and when p[lastic bags go into the water they also create problems for aquatic animals. Plastic can be used for other good purposes.

The government banned plastic and people continue to use it despite the ban. It causes the death of several animals and they damage the overall environment and creates pollution. So, never throw plastics on the roads because there are many species dying because they consume them and we must come together to initiate the ban on plastic bags and help to save our environment.

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Deependra Verma

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