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Essay on how cleanliness impacts national development and health and how you can encourage your locality and city to adopt cleanliness and promote healthy living

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Cleanliness is godliness these words were given by Mahatma Gandhi. This words means that those who stay clean and keep their environment clean are actually doing a good and big task. Such is the importance attributed to cleanliness that it is said that God resides where cleanliness is.

In today's time also Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan was launched on 2014 to aware others about the importance of cleanliness and solid waste management. Phase 2 of this Abhiyaan has also started. Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan is also known as Clean India Mission.

Gandhi ji has also talked about Swachh Bharat, cleanliness and hygiene. He talked about cleanliness at two levels physical and mental. Physical cleanliness is at the level of one's body, hygiene, keeping our body and surrounding clean. A healthy mind lives inside a healthy body this means eating right, exercising, fasting and not eating junk food. Thus maintaining  an active and healthy lifestyle.

For this, safaai mitras are also allotted to each municipal corporation who in their trucks and with a song come to motivate people to throw garbage in trucks. People thus become aware that its important to throw garbage in dustbin and not on roads, drains. Calling these people safaai mitras also is part of recognizing their efforts and respecting them for their work. It gives off an impression that their contribution is valued and their job is important and not menial.

Globally also, a country is assessed on parameters such as citizen awareness and respect towards themselves and others, on health parameters, mortality rate, health and hygiene. Also, this contributes to national development. 

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